The Brief:

Redesign the packaging for several types of hams, salami, and sausages, all belonging to the same famous brand: Carnex.

The Concept:

Imagined, produced, packaged with care… Just like in the old days. Remember how each piece of ham used to be individually covered with paper, love and a few good words from your local shopkeeper? Remember that thin rope that used to be wrapped around the juiciest sausages? Remember when food tasted like joy? The traditional, or traditional-looking packaging is very much on-trend in the design world; it is this trend we are tapping into, along with the trust and rich history that our client’s brand is known for. Each packaging looks like it was hand-wrapped and cared for, and hand-stamped with statements of quality. The particular colours were chosen to distinguish the products on the shelves / in the shop fridges, as well as to communicate the step into the modern times, and the inherent joy of food.

White background was first draft concept focusing on vintage look and feel.

And in the final concept the differentiation in taste is emphasized through lively colours.

Creative director: Vladimir Cosic
Associate Creative Director: Lidija Milovanovic
Agency: McCANN Belgrade
Copywriter: Milos Paunovic, Marija Stosic
Idea and Design: Natasha Radosavljevic