mt:s  is of the major sponsors of “Science fair” — the popular traditional event promoting the science to young population. Given the fact that most exhibits on the fair are very engaging and interesting, we needed to do something extraordinary fun, high tech and impactfull in order to really stand out.


The slogan of the fair was “Super-heros of science”. Our idea was to enable young visitors to become science super heros by giving them unique multimedia interactive experience. We created a virtual interactive studio, combining several innovative technologies (animation, real-time mapping, green screen projection, kinect etc). As the result, our young visitors became astronauts floating in the space or super-scientist exploring the micro-world inside the mobile phone.

We even installed floating astronaut in venue window. Passers by reacted and shared over social media.


Out stand was the “super hero” — the most visited one on the fair, with hundreds of kids waiting in line to get their chance to participate. All videos were shared on youtube channel, enabling the participants to see them and share them with friends on social networks.

Idea: Natasha Radosavljevic, Milena Kvapil
Art Direction: Natasha Radosavljevic
Copywriter: Milena Kvapil