This baby card was illustrated for my dear friends Jelena Kostic and Tom Sikkers. They recently became the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy called Luka. This card was sent to family and friends to invite them to come and meet Luka.

The invitation was written in the first-person with childishly-drawn letters, creating the impression that it was written by Luka himself, introducing himself to the world with the famous opening lines to Suzanne Vega’s song.

English translation: “My name is Luka, with an ‘oo’, I’m healthy as can be. With 2 feet, tall – well, give or take – there are 10 pounds of me. Daddy tries to take a nap and mommy’s resting too. It’s just a break till I awake, my singing is their cue. They’re speechless, moved and overwhelmed. And love is in their eyes. Whenever my little vocal cords produce my mighty cries.”

Everything was drawn by hand, scanned into a computer and digitally painted. The text was written by Tom Sikkers.

As a present for Luka, I created a t-shirt and a baby body suit. And what did I pack it in? Well, a jar of course.